1. -Appropriate shoeing for any discipline and conformation being pathological or taken on.

  2. -If the horse has suffered any injury I will look for the best shoeing. If it is necessary, a vet will help me (communication and professional cooperation is necessary in a group to solve any problem).

  3. -To control the conformation of the colt since the first week of life, to obtain the best trim (if the colt is born with an extremity deformation, this can only be rectified in the early months of life!). Apart from improving their sport’s life, it will help the colt to adapt to shoeing.

  4. -To control trim of retired horses, brood mares and horses resting.

  5. -To control trim of barefoot horses.

  6. -Any other services that with my formation and experience can help to improve the animal’s life and reassure my customers.

My service as a professional will always be the best as far as possible:

  1. -It is easier to work on a hard, smooth and flat land.

  2. -It is important to work in a clean space and without danger for the farrier or the horses.

  3. -I am a farrier not a horse-breaker. So it is the owner’s job to tame the horse. It is easier to work with a docile horse.

  4. -It is very important that the owner give me as many details as possible about the behaviour of the horse: if it stumbles, if it drives one foot more than the other one, if it is easier to turn one hand more than the other one, etc. In that way I will achieve a more comfortable shoe for the horse.

  5. -We have to be aware that horses should be shoed at least every 8 weeks (a couple of months). After this time, hooves can overload the shoe, the strength of screws is lower, if there is too much tension in hooves deformations may appear and finally the animal could easily have joint, tendon or ligament injuries.

The price:

The price to shoe a horse is the sum of autonomous quotes, insurences, car and material expenses, experience and very important: the professional training.

A good farrier is an investment!

I offer the transport of equine animals in a trailer for two animals.

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