1. -Oficial farrier course at “Escola de Capacitació Agrària Eqüestre”, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. Certificate from E.F.F.A (European Federation of Farriers Associations).

  1. -Farrier’s assistant course at “Escola de Capacitació Agrària Eqüestre”, 2007-2008.

  1. -Nowadays, I work as a farrier.

  1. -Instructor of emergency shoeing.

  1. -Demonstrations of forging and shoeing.

  1. -Assistant and farrier for emergencies in Endurance for catalan teams such as Vila’s Team, Endurance Vilaltella, Els TRA-Cavalls d’esport. At 2009 farrier in Bahrain team in the European championship.

  1. -Since 2006 working as a farrier.

  1. -Independent horse teacher for beginners.

  1. -8th classified, Professional category, XX Concurs Nacional de Forja i Ferrament de Catalunya, Vic, 11th-13th of October from 2013.

  1. -7th classified, Professional category, XIX Concurs Nacional de Forja I Ferrament de Catalunya, Torredembarra, 28th-29th of September from 2012.

  1. -7th classified, Professional category, I Concurso Nacional de Herraje y Forja de Andalucía en Andújar, 9th-12th of February from 2012.

  1. -113th “Fieracavalli” in Verona (Italy). Participant in the Spain Team to the 26th “Concurso Internazionale di Mascalcia”, 3th-6th of November from 2011.

  1. -1st classified, Intermediate category, XVIII Concurs Nacional de Forja i Ferrament de l’Equus Catalonia de Girona, 30th of September and 1st-2nd of October from 2011.

  1. -2nd classified, Beginners category, XVI Concurs Nacional de Forja i Ferrament de l’Equus Catalonia de Girona, 9th-11th of October from 2009.

  1. -5th classified, Beginners category, II Concurs Nacional de Forja i Ferrament de Castella i Lleó, 19th-21th of June from 2009.

  1. -6th classified, Beginners category, XV Concurs Nacional de Forja i Ferrament de l’Equus Catalonia de Girona, 3th-5th of October from 2008.

  1. -Member of A.M.A.C (Associació de Marxes a Cavall de Catalunya).

  1. -I ride a horse since I was six years old. I began in

  “ El Muntanyà” riding club (Seva).






and hobbies



Member of the “Associació de Ferradors de Catalunya”

with the title of E.F.F.A

(European Federation of Farriers Associations)



  1. -Technical seminary, Antoine Corona (ACR), 17th of October from 2015.

  1. -Seminary “BACK TO BASICS”, Mark Caldwell, 3rd of July from 2015.

  1. -Course: “Anatomy and natural management of the horse shoe”, Laura García and Marc Sánchez, 12th of June from 2015.

  1. -International Congress of Werkman Horseshoes, from 16th to 18th of April. Spring Games 2015. Whith profecionals how: Steven Beane, Christoph Mülling, Hans castellijns, Jenny Hagen, Mark Caldwell, Melania Crisan, Mitch Taylor, Scott Lampert, etc.

  1. -Course: “Interpretation and application of the radiological parameters at shoeing”, Philippe Vanschepdael, 27th and 28th of March from 2015.

  1. -Course: “Basic notions to shoeing, theory and practical”, Jon Atkinson, 27th and 28th of February from 2015.

  1. -Course: “Club foot, causes and consequences”, Philippe Vanschepdael, 12th and 13th of December from 2014.

  1. -Seminary: “Equine orthopaedics, anatomical knowledge and new aspects in the trim and orthopaedic shoeing”, Jenny Hagen, 5th of September from 2014.

  1. -Clinical: “Maintenance and improvement of sports horse achievement, forge and shoeing”, David Varini, 16th of May from 2014.

  1. -Seminary: “Learning again how to observe the horse”, David Canes and Eduard Marés, 7th of February from 2014.

  1. -Clinical: “Proporcions, principles and balance; understanding and practical illustration of the hoof and the extremity of the horse”, Scott Lampert, 11th-12th of October from 2013.

  1. -Clinical: “Last studies about the feet of Brumbies and their relation with domestic horse”, Brian Hampson, 21th of September from 2013.

  1. -Course: “Shoeing for an optimum capacity & forge practising”, Grand Moon, 11th-12th of May from 2013.

  1. -Shoeing course “Symmetry and equilibrium at shoeing”, Ricard Rosselló, 15th of March from 2013.

  1. -Theory and practise; course of Veterinary Craniosacral Therapy Level 2,  Sílvia Martí Korff, 2nd-3th of March from 2013.

  1. -Theory and practise; course of Veterinary Craniosacral Therapy Level 1,  Sílvia Martí Korff, 28th of February and 1st of March from 2013.

  1. -Seminary of Biomecanical and dorsal problems, Dolores Puertas Navarro, 3th of February from 2013.

  1. -Clinical Quiropractise Equine, “How we can help our horse with a massage”, Clara Bosch Comas, 29th of January from 2013.

  1. -Ergonomics course: precautionary measures and health for Farriers, Fabian Molano, 29th of June from 2012.

  1. -Course of Animal welfare during transport, from 15th of May to 26th of June from 2012.

  1. -Second International Congress of Equine Podiatry, Segovia, 24th-26th of May from 2012.

  1. -Competition shoeing course, Derek Gardner, 20th-21th of April from 2012.

  1. -First Congress from “Associació de Ferradors de Catalunya”. Speakers:

David Canes and Edo Marés. Structure: deviation and rotation.

Marc Sànchez. Barefoot: welcome to a new world.

Robert Díez. Specifications of shoeing endurance horses.

Martí Sala. Modern shoeing; counting from zero.

Francesc Franquesa. Clinical case: Surgery of “xec ligament”. Shoeing for endurance horses.

Ramón Torelló. Manegement of datebooks with a Smartphone.

  1. -Shoeing according to Daniel Anz, 23th-24th of March from 2012.

  1. -Shoeing course for horses of “doma classica” and asymetric hoof, Loïc Entwistle, 8th-9th of July from 2011.

  1. -Shoeing course from PFERD, Mònica Soler Gorchs, 11th of February from 2011.

  1. -Shoeing sport horses with aluminium, Antoine Corona (ACR), 18th-19th of December from 2009.

  1. -International Congress of  WerKman Horseshoes for its 100 birthday in Holland, 7th-9th of May from 2009.

  1. -A correct trim for a good shoeing, Philippe Vanchepdael, 27th-28th of February from 2009.

  1. -Shoeing for sport horses, Philippe Vanchepdael, 14th-15th of November from 2008.

  1. -First International Congress of Equine Podiatry for farriers and vets, València, 24th-25th of April from 2008.

  1. -Clinical for taking care colts, Mònica Soler Gorchs.

  1. -Clinical of shoeing endurance horses, Francesc Franquesa Padròs.

  1. -Clinical of shoeing sport horses, Martí Sala Bayès.